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Why your business need a website ?

Jul 11, 2018 Jean Pierre Blogs 2

“It would be great if companies could just magically know what I’m looking for on their website or what I’m coming to the website for,” says Alfred Lin Chairman of Zappos.com an online shoes and clothes store based in Las Vegas.

In the world of today where people stay online most of the time, customers make decisions based on their online experience.

As the world is evolving rapidly with technology, having a website is very crucial for any type of business. Advantages of having a company website are numerous, here is a list of some of the importance of having a website.

A better understanding of your customers : some of the tools attached on a website help the website owners know which pages are most visited, how long do customers spend on their websites and other statistical values which help the company better their services.

Improve the customer service : Paul Cookson a British Author said that a website promotes you 24/7 and no employee can do it. In fact, it is very true, some employees do not have enough time to interact with customers to know what to improve for a better customer service, however with a website they might be able to look up information by themselves and find answers to questions they have.

Increase credibility of the business : the good appearance of your website customers will be impressed and be willing to get in contact with you and it will be a lot easier to share information with family and friends who might be later clients.

Sales boost : as a business, the first thing is to maximize profit by increasing sales. Having an online allow sales being done anytime anywhere without any limitation, in few words being visible globally is more likely to boost up your sales. The more visitors you have the more customers you will get hence prosperity of your business.

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