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Online identity

Aug 8, 2018 Jean Pierre Blogs 2

We live in a digital world, Everyone from employers to business owners to our next customer is on google searching for jobs, service, and products. If your business is not found on google you have a problem ! We do not know what Google or Facebook knows about us until we start researching about ourselves.

Constructing and managing one’s digital identity is no longer an option, it a question of responsibility where you are offered no more than two options which are YOU defining yourself online or other will define you through their comments and opinions. As a trend, it is, digital identity has many problematic situations one being identity theft .

Digital identity management is a matter of huge importance when it comes to defining yourself in the digital world which affects also the offline world.
To maintain a good reputation for you and your business, it is important to have a firm management of your online platforms.

Research showed that between 50 and 70% of the hiring manager look at the candidate digital identity. With a digital identity, you can create an effective online presence that can help you with employer around the world.
The importance of having a digital identity goes beyond professionalism but it also applies to personal life. It made it easier to communicate with family and friends all around the globe.

Online identity adds a personal touch to the business and is something that many people can relate to. A good brand should be able to make the client feel good about the choice that they are going to make, and assure them of a quality product that is well worth their spending


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