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Change your mind about App Development

Nov 16, 2018 Jean Pierre Blogs 2

Many billionaires are in the field of technology. This caused me to ask myself why technology, why App Development and how far can it take us.

Looking back to the history of the mobile applications, we found that the first smart phone was launched in 1993 and some mobile applications like calculator, calendar, and some games was introduced to be used in that smart phone.

According to a report “There were 19 billion software developers across the world in the year 2014, and the number would grow to a whopping 25 billion by 2020”. So, are you still there to use someone’s application or you are hungry to introduce your own application ? If I am you, I can refuse to use someone’s application to manage my business or other activities of mine and create my own in the way I want.

Good enough in Rwanda, we are promoting made in Rwanda, so why not made in Rwanda application for all then ? If you are a business man and you are not having a web application or mobile application to engage your customers and interest your potential customers, you will collapse soon because in Rwanda technology is going faster than a break of an eye.

Talking about technology in Rwanda, we are a technology company that offers the service of App development at a reasonable price. Therefore if you don’t have one, just reach us at marketing@theclick.rw / info@theclick.rw or call at 0788627501 / 0788496824.

Apps are needed by every category of business, I mean Hospitality, Education, Hospitals, Entertainment industry, training centers, shops and any other business you can think of. Therefore, this is your right time to go for it and stop complaining from few customers and having too much cost while you can get a cost less application which can help you to manage your business at wherever you are.


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